Accessibility Guide

Bon Secours Wellness Arena is an ADA compliant facility. Accessible seating, as well as companion seating, are available for purchase either in-person at the GSP International Airport Box Office or online at Please note that event day relocations are EXTREMELY LIMITED and are not guaranteed, but may be available on a first come, first-serve basis at the Spinx Guest Services table.

Assistive Listening Devices / Hearing Assistance

Headsets and receivers are available at no charge at the SPINX Guest Services desk, located at section 117. We will provide hearing interpreters at no charge if arrangements are made prior to the event.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Locations

The drop-off/pick-up area at the arena is located along E. North Street (near the Box Office and First Citizens Bank Rotunda Entrance. 

Guests parking in the arena's Chevrolet VIP parking lot may drop off guests at the Furman University entrance prior to parking in the lot. 

BSWA Site-Level Map.jpg


Public elevators are available at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Elevators are located at the First Citizens Bank entrance and near the Furman University entrance. These elevators are strictly designated as preferred use for guests with disabilities.

  • Elevator at section 115 (near the Furman University Entrance) – accesses accessible seating in 218-221 Row B​​​​​​​
  • Elevator at section 101 (near the First Citizens Bank Entrance) – accesses the floor and accessible seating in sections 202-204 Row B



All of our entrances are ADA accessible, the Furman University Plaza entrance is adjacent to accessible parking spots within our Chevrolet VIP Parking Lot and may be the easiest experience for fans. We also recommend Church St. Garage. 

BSWA Site-Level Map.jpg


A limited number of Accessible parking spaces are located in the Chevrolet VIP Parking Lot at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena located off of N. Church St.There is a cash fee to park and spaces are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Additionally, there are spaces located in the lower level of the Church St. parking garage located beside of the arena. All vehicles requiring accessible parking must have the proper decal displayed from the rear-view mirror or have an applicable license plate.

BSWA Site-Level Map.jpg


All public restrooms are designed to be accessible to our guests with disabilities. Guests will find accessible features such as stalls, sinks, mirrors, and paper towel dispensers.

Our family restroom is located at section 105 on the concourse. 

Seating Areas

The Bon Secours Wellness Arena is equipped with accessible seating areas located at sections 111 and 116, 202-204 Row B and 218-221 Row B. In addition, there are individual seats in the upper level seating and floor seating when applicable. You can access these tickets via ticketmaster by toggling the Accessibility filter within Ticketmaster and by purchasing at the GSP International Airport Box Office. ADA seating is limited. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, State and local government, public accommodations, commercial facilities, transportation, and telecommunications. The ADA seating areas are reserved for ADA persons and their companions only. If you do not meet ADA requirements you will not be permitted to sit in our ADA seating.

To be protected by the Federal ADA law, one must have a disability or have a relationship or association with an individual with a disability attending the event. We reserve the right to re-seat or remove any guests from the property that violate the Federal ADA laws.

Please note that event day relocations are EXTREMELY LIMITED and are not guaranteed, but may be available on a first come, first-serve basis at the Spinx Guest Services table.

Sensory Suite

The Sensory Suite at Bon Secours Wellness Arena is located at Section 105. This space is specifically designed to meet the unique sensory needs of guests that may have difficulty processing the sights and sounds of a typical arena show.  

Key features of the suite that will make this possible include sound and light dampening glass to enclose the suite, soft seating options, a de-escalation space with a privacy curtain and calming sensory accessories.

During arena events where the Sensory Suite has an obstructed view, Bon Secours Wellness Arena staff members may provide access to the space, upon request, to ticketed guests that need a quiet area. 

Sensory Safety Kits

Bon Secours Wellness Arena offers Friendly Access Sensory Safety Kits to guests at all events. Friendly Access Sensory Safety Kits are designed to support individuals of all ages with a variety of sensory needs.  Loud noises and bright lights can often make it difficult or confusing for an individual with Autism, Dementia, a traumatic brain injury, or other sensory disabilities, to enjoy an event.

Each kit includes an assortment of useful tools to help guests enjoy an event with greater comfort. Kits are free to use and can be picked up at Guest Services outside section 117.

Service Animals

Service animals are allowed entry to Bon Secours Wellness Arena. All other animals, including emotional support animals, are not allowed entry to Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Please contact the arena about service dogs.

Wheelchair & Other Mobility-Assistive Devices

  • Wheelchairs and other mobility-assistive devices may be checked at the SPINX Guest Services desk at section 117 if necessary. Wheelchairs are available for patron use at the Furman University Plaza Entrance & the First Citizen’s Bank Rotunda entrance. If you are in need of a wheelchair, ask an event staff member upon entrance for assistance.