Sensory Suite & Sensory Safety Kits


The Sensory Suite at Bon Secours Wellness Arena is located at Section 105! This space is specifically designed to meet the unique sensory needs of guests that may have difficulty processing the sights and sounds of a typical arena show.  

Key features of the suite that will make this possible include sound and light dampening glass to enclose the suite, soft seating options, a de-escalation space with a privacy curtain and calming sensory accessories.

Sensory Suite Availability 

During arena events where the Sensory Suite has an obstructed view, Bon Secours Wellness Arena staff members may provide access to the space, upon request, to ticketed guests that need a quiet area. 

The below is a list of shows with tickets available for purchase in the sensory suite. To purchase, please email the box office at

Sensory Safety Kits

Bon Secours Wellness Arena offers Friendly Access Sensory Safety Kits to guests at all events. Friendly Access Sensory Safety Kits are designed to support individuals of all ages with a variety of sensory needs.  Loud noises and bright lights can often make it difficult or confusing for an individual with Autism, Dementia, a traumatic brain injury, or other sensory disabilities, to enjoy an event.

Each kit includes an assortment of useful tools to help guests enjoy an event with greater comfort. Kits are free to use and can be picked up at Guest Services outside section 117.

Sensory Safety Kits include:

  • A small drawstring bag
  • A pair of noise-reducing earmuffs and earplugs
  • A pair of antiglare glasses
  • A small variety of sensory "fidget" toys
  • A communication card
  • Sanitizing wipes and tissues
  • Identification wristband, stickers, and card (The wristband can note family’s location and contact number in the case of confusion or separation. The sticker can alert other attendees that the individual has some difficulty.)
  • Venue Map (The venue map describes locations of quiet accessible areas, family restrooms, elevators, and emergency plans and exits.)